Setup Scalable & Risk-free Offshore Development Center In India

Ramp up your software development and scale up quickly by setting up your offshore software development center in India. Our 17+ years of experience and technology expertise in the software industry help you set up your own offshore development teams while ensuring quick turn-around, quality development, and peace of mind!

Want to own an offshore development center in India to complete your ambitious project/s most efficiently?

Why Is Setting ODC in India A Good Option For You?

There are numerous reasons why setting up an offshore development center (ODC) in India is a good idea for businesses. A few of them are mentioned below:

Low Cost

With ODC in India, you can save 70%+ compared to traditional in-house hiring. In addition, there is no need to create and maintain the infrastructure, which results in YoY savings.


You can scale up or down based on your needs. There is no need to invest in any hardware or software or any infrastructure to scale up.


You can hire resources part-time, full-time, or hourly as per your requirements. No days off or sick leaves or any other staff unavailability concerns. Also, you need not worry about attrition and the recruitment of resources.

Complete Transparency

The service is transparent and straightforward, with no hidden charges. You hire as per your engagement model, pay a fixed fees and get started.

Wider Technical Expertise

You can quickly augment your project team with qualified IT professionals with specialized skills in developing customized software at any stage in the development process.

Reduced Time To Market

By reducing the time to start and getting timely delivery under the supervision of able project managers from India, your time to market also reduces.

Common Challenges Vs. How ValueCoders Gets You Covered

There are a few common challenges when it comes to Offshore Development Centers (ODCs) in India


  • Poor Project Management
  • Longer Turnaround For Onboarding
  • Difference In Timezone
  • Nightmarish Coordination
  • Miscommunication Due To Language And Cultural Barriers
  • Delayed Delivery

Expect The Best With ValueCoders

  • Project management tools and best practices like sprint planning, scrum of scrums, joint retrospective with stake holders, agile software development process together provide you great project control
  • We have hundreds of pre-vetted professionals with well-defined recruitment and training processes that help in a fast turnaround
  • Our experts can work as per your timezone to effectively coordinate with you for project progress.
  • We work with advanced project management tools, and our professionals have excellent communication skills that give you flawless coordination.
  • Our pre-vetted professionals have good communication skills. You won’t face any cultural misfit too.
  • You get timely delivery from your ODC team with Valuecoders because all team members are highly skilled & experienced and work under strict guidelines.

Why Choose ValueCoders™ In India To Setup Offshore Development Center

ValueCoders has a proven credential in Software Development, with a 97% retention rate, providing delightful experiences to all clients. We have been the leaders in the industry and promise to help you set up your own profitable ODC in India with lower ODC operating expenses & optimized productivity.

ValuecodersTop 1%
Talent Pool
ValuecodersIntegrity &
ValuecodersSmooth Two-way
ValuecodersAgile Project
ValuecodersRegular Progress
ValuecodersSelf Learning
ValuecodersOngoing Training
& Learning


We Have Been Working With The Best Companies Worldwide

We have delivered exceptional technology & software development solutions for all sizes and segments of businesses, in every industry, from dynamic startups and SMBs to Fortune 500 companies. We are the preferred choice for our clients because we offer –

  • Global Quality Standards
  • Time-Zone Compatibility
  • Quick Team Scaling Possibilities
  • Latest Tools & Infrastructure
  • Defined Roles & Responsibilities
  • Cost-Effective Solutions

Flexible & Easy Engagement Options With ValueCoders In India

There are a number of flexible and easy engagement options for setting up a dedicated Offshore Development Center (ODC) or getting software development done in India. Choose as is best suited to your business:



On Build-Operate-Transfer basis, we deliver high quality & cost effective offshore development solutions, with a pre-established infrastructure, team and setup, for a fixed price. We, along with client, jointly monitor the process, imbibe our expertise and transfer the setup to the client after the pre-defined duration.

ODC - BOT Cost Plus

ODC - BOT Cost Plus

A complete transparency is provided in terms of salaries, setup costs and other running costs, and a fixed percent of operational fees. This model gives you an additional flexibility of on-boarding your own selected talent to augment your team utilizing your ODC infrastructure and can scale up or down as needed.

IT Staff Augmentation

IT Staff Augmentation

Quickly onboard offshore talent to augment your existing team with the right match of experience and knowledge to fit your team & project requirements. The new ODC team can quickly start collaborating with your existing team for timely delivery. And you get the flexibility of scaling up or scaling down as per your project requirements.